Why are Quotes Important
When you think of quotes you may not immediately think about why there are so many quotes and why quotes are considered to be important or not. What you may not realize is that quotes whether they are famous quotes or not are actually very important for a number of reasons. For example well-known quotes and famous quotes convey a lot including knowledge, wisdom, and memories that our ancestors are passing on. Usually quotes are remembered because of the authors but there are also plenty of quotes out there that are popular and well-known because they are thought invoking ad focus on important moments in time and have great wisdom to pass on. Quotes are important mainly because we can learn from them. You can take little tidbits of knowledge that you learn from quotes and can apply them to parts and from time to time in your life. Another reason that quotes are so important is because they help to remind us of our ancestors and what they may have thought of during their time and what their focus was as well as preserving their memories. Although time has moved on and the quotes of our ancestors may not apply in the same way that they used to the authors have left us with not only vital information about what life was like during their lifetimes but also great quotes that can still be applied to situations in our lives today. Another reason that quotes are important and will forever be so is because a great quote is just like a great book or a great poem. The right quote read at the right time can literally change the way that you think about something or someone and can even help you through different life events. When you take the time to read a great quote and to think about how it applies to your life and your situation you will find that it can help you to focus on those aspects of your life and get your through tough times. Quotes can be used in a variety of situations that are important. Quotes are commonly used at important life events. For example many people will choose to read a quote at a wedding or an anniversary. Using a quote during an event like that can not only make that quote forever a part of that event but can effectively encapsulate the feelings and emotions of that day.

Wisdom is the power to put our time and our knowledge to the proper use.

Thomas J. Watson

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

Benjamin Franklin

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