How To Set Goals

Mark Victor Hansen has an excellent quote about how to set goals, a quote that has always rung true. He believes that people have complete control over their future and their own destinies. "What you think about, comes about" is a bedrock principle that Hansen lives by. Instead of relying upon others to determine your future, Mark Victor Hansen preaches the importance of putting it into your own hands.

Recording your dreams and goals, by writing them down on paper, is a great way to make your goals much more real and feasible. We all have goals, we all have dreams, but the best way to make them manifest is to write them down. This allows you to look at them as often as needed, especially during the moments when your motivation begins to flag.

In order to set goals, they must be clearly defined. We often fall into the trap of saying things like "someday," "maybe," or "perhaps I will when ____ happens." By writing goals down, it forces a person to examine their life and make decisions based on what they wish to achieve.

Once you've set a goal, everything in your life should be geared towards accomplishing it. No aspect of your day to day existence should serve as an obstacle to your true mission. After setting a goal, the next step is to tailor your life towards making it a reality. The goal has been written down and the paper should be placed in an area where you will see it each and every day when you need a reminder.

Whether it's in the bathroom, taped to the mirror, so you can catch a glimpse of it during your morning routine, or you place the piece of paper with your goal written in your car, or even your desk at work (provided it will not offend your current employers), the goal needs to be put in a place of prominence, so that you will literally never lose sight of what is truly important to you.

However, all of the aforementioned actions are the easy part. Any plan is only as good as its execution. Even the best laid plans will often go awry when they are not carried out in the correct manner. Simply writing down a goal on a piece of paper is a wonderful start and a great way to ascertain exactly what it is that you desire, but this step does very little to accomplish the goal.

Before you make any major life decision or do anything that could potentially affect your future, the most crucial question that you need to ask yourself is this: How will this choice affect my ability to achieve the goals that I have set for myself? If the decision you are about to make is going to hinder you and keep you from accomplishing what you have set out to do to, then it is best not to make it.

No goal is achieved overnight or by one action, it is achieved with a series of good decisions and by charting a course for success. When you are heeding the advice of Mark Victor Hansen and writing your goal down, you must also plan the journey. If you do not properly plan your course of action, then you are merely planning to fail.

Think carefully about everything you will need to do in order to make your desired goal a reality. For example, a person may decide that they wish to lose 100 pounds in one year, which is certainly doable, but no easy task. While it's great to write down this goal on a piece of paper and make it more real, realistic goal setting is key to success.

If you'd like to lose the weight, what are you planning on sacrificing to do so? What feasible changes can you make in your life that will unlock your true potential and allow you to become the person you have always dreamed of being? Unless you can reasonably answer those questions during the early stages of the planning process, the likelihood of achieving your goal significantly decreases.

Desire and wishing to achieve a goal are merely half of the battle. Writing down your goal on a piece of paper means also writing down the path you plan on taking to make it happen. You have far more control over your future and destiny than you realize and what happens to you going forward is up to you.

So stop placing the future in the hands of "fate" and place it in the most secure location possible: your own hands. In order to become the person you've dreamed of being, the process must be set into motion by you. Luck does not play a role in our success or lack thereof, we create our own luck as a result of our actions and it is merely the residue of skill and thoughtful planning.

Your thoughts are one of the most powerful forces that drive you on a daily basis. Once you take the time to write down your goals on paper and begin the process of achieving them, you are beginning one of the most rewarding journeys that a person can take. While the destination is not tangible, the rewards certainly are. Taking your future and your destiny away from the rest of the world and placing them into your own hands is the best decision that a person can make, for both their future well being and their ability to make their dreams come true.

Wisdom is the power to put our time and our knowledge to the proper use.

Thomas J. Watson

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

Benjamin Franklin

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